Sunday, 1 January 2012

Wrong Skins BOLLOCKS!

Happy New Year, lads and lasses (?). Small update to cheer you up a bit.

That right there is the 50th "Shirley's" Regiment of Foot. You may ask yourself "why is he posting this?", well, here's the answer: The 50th Regiment of Foot was the regiment that got massacred in Fort Bull. Now hear me out, the title says "Wrong Skins BOLLOCKS!" for a reason: RED FACINGS. DAMN. that means i'll have to alter the F&I British skins i made. I know, I know, it's just the facings, but the problem is, I'M LAZY RIGHT NOW! 

Anyways, I'll be working on this during the week. Mikoo gave me the OK and he will be working on the map, starting hopefully this upcoming week. I'm quite optimist about this, and i'm sure 2012 is gonna be the best year for BGMS.

Nec Aspera Terrent, my good men.


Saturday, 17 December 2011


Apologies for the huge delay, but now i finally have some updates to give ye.

First of, now i have 3 months of holidays, which i plan to spend in the making of Fort Bull. now with the 3eme RGF clan out of BG2, one of their members, named Mikoo offered his help to make the map. that will solve one of the 2 problems we currently have, the biggest one.

The other problem is that i need people. Players are buggering off BG2, and if we don't get this done before the mod dies, we are fucked. Hopefully some of the remaining clans help out, either that or we make custom GMOD BG2 npcs to run around and do the charging parts. (that is possible thanks to the Fog of War GMOD game mode that's currently under development... by Octavius and some other guy i don't know.

Regarding Alamo, it's in the exact same state as it was in October. bugger me, but i'm too busy with Bull and DeviantArt to also do that.

On another note, back in February i wrote a script for a revolutionary war movie, named The Battlegrounds. Well, i picked it up again, renamed it to The American Battlegrounds and i'm releasing it as a play in DeviantArt.

That's all for this update. expect some more soon, as BGMS is back on track.

Saturday, 8 October 2011

British Skins, 2.1 Update and Lots of New Goodies.

I wanted to tell you that, as 2.1 releases tomorrow, the whole project will be set up on the new version. that opens a big world of possibilities, as now we can record 1st person without caring about death! the killcam does the editing for us. also, 2.1 comes with new skins for weapons, allowing us not to make custom skins for weapons. for more details on 2.1, check BGmod

Regarding the Redcoat skins, i've been working pretty hard on em. so far i managed to make this:

Its a little buggy as it is, but dont you worry, i'll fix it by the time we record.

Regarding the map, we now have permission to edit bg_WilliamHenry_B2, which means production starts as soon as possible. expect some more updates regarding this matter.

also, a little update on Alamo: we did not ditch the project. i still got the map and skins. all i need is V3 to get done, somehow...

Monday, 3 October 2011

French Skins Ready

Well, it was a little tough, but i've finished the french skins. Nathan Hale said they were good enough to be used, and that they were historically accurate, so we are going to use this ones for the film. Behold now the epic french skins i made:

French Line Infantry

French Officer

now all that's left are the Redcoat skins, french flag, the map and recording. we are going to make it in a documentary-like format, so don't be expecting a scripted story, but a very nice looking documentary.
That's all for this update, folks. stay tuned for more.


Saturday, 24 September 2011

Fort Bull Idea

in a desperate attempt to revive BGMS, i thought about reproducing the battle of Fort Bull. it took place during the french and indian war. the french chopped down the gate with axes and stormed in, killing every british man inside and burning the fort. 

this is gonna be a very easy project to film, so if we fail with it, it means we are all useless, lazy bastards.

to make this project, we're going to need a mapper to edit the William Henry map, skins for both Redcoats and Frenchmen and, most importantly, people to be body actors.

i'll keep you posted on any news regarding this new project.  wish us luck on this one, lads, because if we fail, goodbye BGMS...

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Shite Happens and Explanations

I thought you people would like an explanation on why we are awol. well, instead of typing the whole thing, i thought it would be better if i posted a video about it. enjoy the commentary.

-Santi Koach

Wednesday, 10 August 2011


We just f*cked up BIG. i just sent a PM to octavius, asking him for the .dem file... well... his drive died and... we lost the only copy. that means Hubbardton is dead. we either record it all over again or pick some other project...
i have to appologise for the event, but.... sh*t happens, and i was unable to stop it. i guess things are going really bad for us, and i might shut it down, but i swear we'll release at least 1 video before being forgotten.

-Santi Koach