Saturday, 14 May 2011

The Alamo

We've began production of our first short film. i cant say too much, but its about the attack in the Alamo fort, and so far, it looks very good. here lads, have some screenshots:

thanks to the 47th Lancashire clan for providing the server and map.

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  1. Anonymous19/7/11

    I'm not sure, but I dont think there were any Iroquois warriors sporting mohawks at the Alamo. Are you sure you got the right time and place? The Alamo was in 1836 in a place called San Antonio de Bexar. Maybe you've heard of it. Its in Texas. There was this fella from Tennessee, his name was Crockett. Maybe you heard of him. He fought the Creeks, not the Iroquois. Different tribe altogether. And there werent any of them at the Alamo either. Just some Tejanos and Texians and a whole bunch of Mexicans in tall Shako hats. Of course, maybe them Mexicans were sporting Mohawk haircuts and feathers under them Shakos. One never really knows about these things. So maybe your preview isnt so far off. I imagine its just possible them Mexicans were ridin' around the Alamo on bare-back in a great circle, like a bunch of Cheyenne or Sioux around a wagon train - a hoopin' and a holerin' like them red devils. Maybe they wore war paint on their faces, too.