Saturday, 14 May 2011


Hello lads, i'm Santi Koach, writter and director of the BG2 studios. to explain more or less what this is, BG2 Studios is a small group that makes machinima out of videogames like Battle Grounds 2, Mount and Musket: Battalion, Empire Total War and commentary videos (any game). we are NOT a clan, nor we are associated with any clan (47th is MY clan, but this is a personal project). right now, we are just starting, getting a small setup so we can begin making videos. by july we may acquire a BG2 server to get the things run smooth, but right now i cant afford it, and i have other things to do, including videos and screenshots.
by now, we need a little bit of time to begin. as soon as more content is developed, we'll announce it in this site, Youtube and

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