Saturday, 25 June 2011


Sorry for the lack of updates, lads, but things are going really slow lately. i took over the skin making, but honestly i dont know a bloody thing bout efects. so far i made 2 skins... which are.... well.... not too good.
let me show you:
as you can see its not very good. im still working on the coat to make it look realistic, and i should begin skinning the pants soon. however, things are going very slow.
map wise, klif's taking his time. he's got other maps to finish, so he's also working on those. this's how the chapel looks like now:

looks like our goal to film it before july has suddenly f***ed up. now the deadline's gonna be 3rd week of july. i hope.

and yeah... that's it. stay tuned for updates and join the public stream group. good night, lads.

-Santi Koach

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