Monday, 4 July 2011

Hubbardton Project

as the making of Alamo is taking so damn long, me and octavius aranged to make a shorter film, based on the battle of Hubbardton. this project is way easier, as it involves using already made skins and no mapping required. we are filming THIS SUNDAY in the 47th server. im sorry, but only 47th and (hopefully) 29th members are allowed, as Col.Hawke doesnt want other clans into this. however, the ones that already contacted me (Baker, Bob, Nova and Smissen) might have a chance to join us.
skin wise, we already have a skin for the 24th reg. behold:

it's not too accurate right now, but i'll modify it a little to make it look more realistic.

UPDATE: Hawke allows all clans in. sorry Smissen and Nova, but you cant join.

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