Sunday, 10 July 2011


Good new, lads! we just finished filming the Battle Of Hubbardton. it was easier than i thought. however, due to 1 hour delays because of the Battle Grounds United (BGU) tournament, and a 30 minute time to make it (as TRR had to leave), we had to rush the filming. here are some details on the event:

Director: Santi Koach
Filming guy: Octavius
British Commander: Black Watch
24th Regiment of Foot: The Royal Recruits and 47th Lancashire.
Light Infantry Bn.: 47th Lancashire
Brunswick Jaegers: The Royal Recruits
American Soldiers: 69th New York Volunteer
This picture was taken during the filming. it represents the 24th Regiment of Foot. 
Front Rank: 47th Lancashire. Back Rank: The Royal Recruits.