Saturday, 8 October 2011

British Skins, 2.1 Update and Lots of New Goodies.

I wanted to tell you that, as 2.1 releases tomorrow, the whole project will be set up on the new version. that opens a big world of possibilities, as now we can record 1st person without caring about death! the killcam does the editing for us. also, 2.1 comes with new skins for weapons, allowing us not to make custom skins for weapons. for more details on 2.1, check BGmod

Regarding the Redcoat skins, i've been working pretty hard on em. so far i managed to make this:

Its a little buggy as it is, but dont you worry, i'll fix it by the time we record.

Regarding the map, we now have permission to edit bg_WilliamHenry_B2, which means production starts as soon as possible. expect some more updates regarding this matter.

also, a little update on Alamo: we did not ditch the project. i still got the map and skins. all i need is V3 to get done, somehow...

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