Saturday, 17 December 2011


Apologies for the huge delay, but now i finally have some updates to give ye.

First of, now i have 3 months of holidays, which i plan to spend in the making of Fort Bull. now with the 3eme RGF clan out of BG2, one of their members, named Mikoo offered his help to make the map. that will solve one of the 2 problems we currently have, the biggest one.

The other problem is that i need people. Players are buggering off BG2, and if we don't get this done before the mod dies, we are fucked. Hopefully some of the remaining clans help out, either that or we make custom GMOD BG2 npcs to run around and do the charging parts. (that is possible thanks to the Fog of War GMOD game mode that's currently under development... by Octavius and some other guy i don't know.

Regarding Alamo, it's in the exact same state as it was in October. bugger me, but i'm too busy with Bull and DeviantArt to also do that.

On another note, back in February i wrote a script for a revolutionary war movie, named The Battlegrounds. Well, i picked it up again, renamed it to The American Battlegrounds and i'm releasing it as a play in DeviantArt.

That's all for this update. expect some more soon, as BGMS is back on track.

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